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Products we recommend:
VMWare Fusion
2. Drive Genius - Mac
3. Data Backup - Mac
4. Linksys
5. Western Digital

Apple Certified Help Desk

Hours: Mon-Fri. 8am-6pm
Telephone: 808-551-6891
"We looked for years to find the right computer tech for our company and now are very satisfied with the support we get from Brian and Apple Magic.
We have Brian service our fleet of Mac computers once a month and his friendly service and technical experience has given our company a clear competitive advantage in our market. We highly recommend Apple Magic". 
- Jerry Driscoll(C.E.O) (
North Shore Soap Factory)

"I'm telling all my friends about you guys!  Thanks again for the great service.
-Susan Mulkern (
Mulkern Landscaping)

Once in a blue moon you find a reliable service, where knowledge and acumen trumps the competition. 
These guys scope rather than scrape, and pull a rabbit of a hat every time. 
I like the fact that nothing ever stumps them. Plus, they execute on great ideas that help my businesses survive and prosper.
Apple Magic never disappoints and always delivers. They even call a few days later to see if it is all working out. Nice!
-Dave Mills (
Hawaii Golf Deals)

Apple Magic

Phone: 808-551-6891
Oahu, Hawaii
Hours of operation: Monday - Friday
8:00am - 6:00pm

Apple Magic Customer Testimonials